Green Smoothie Benefits

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GREEN SMOOTHIE – think about this phrase for a second…

Sound weird maybe? Maybe you have heard it before? Not sure what it even means?

Well, next answer these statements for yourself…

Do you take your personal health and wellbeing seriously? Do you want to? Are you bored of your current diet and seek an exciting new dimension to your day? Do you struggle for a healthy breakfast? Do you want to lose weight, look younger, feel fantastic, sleep better and feel many more positive effects along the way?

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What is Functional Training?

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Functional exercises are exercises that have a high carry over or transfer into ‘real life’ activities. For example; improving a postal workers ability to carry a load whilst walking without undue fatigue or creating the common postural related lower back pain suffered by many who work under those conditions. Similarly, functional programming could mean analysing specific movement patterns required to improve at sports related tasks. Continue reading