Morning Oats Recipe

Ending 2015 on a family holiday in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, and I am loving the time for a ‘proper’ oats breakfast. I should not be working really, but with my trusty iPad, I could not keep from sharing this awesome morning oats recipe!

For the past four mornings, I have worked out, showered and prepared the following post workout oats. I think you may want to take note of this recipe!  Continue reading

Juice Recipe – Hydrate and Digestion Special!

Hydration Juice | Blog Image for Chris Simms Personal Trainer

Get your juice on! The perfect juice recipe for hydrating, aiding digestion and boosting immunity over the festivities.

At the time of year when often the usual healthy habits take a back seat to heavy and rich foods, alcohol too, in quantities far greater than our digestive system is used to handling, here’s a juice recipe to aid rehydration and digesting the naughty stuff! Perfect for non-drinkers too this one.

Also, on a side note, the average weight gain leading up to Christmas from 1st December to 24th December is 2.5kg, followed by an average weight gain of 2.5kg from 25th December through to 2nd January! If you don’t use this juice recipe over the festive period, you might want to consider it when cleaning/detoxing house come January!  Continue reading