Blueberry Oat Flapjacks – Guilt Free

Blueberry Oat Flapjacks | Blog Image for Chris Simms Personal Trainer

Using just four ingredients, these blueberry oat flapjacks are just pure heaven.

You would think you’re being naughty but there’s nothing of the sort with these delights!

Ready from cupboard to baked in 30 minutes, these are my current number one treat.

Great to have on hand if you suffer from sweet cravings, are a great snack, pre or post workout (or during long endurance efforts), breakfast on-the-go even, for adults and children, whoever gets in there first! If you feel like one of these, you have my humble permission anytime you like. Enjoy! Continue reading

HIIT Bootcamp – About and Benefits

Bootcamp | Blog Image for Chris Simms Personal Trainer

Having worked the past nine years mainly as a Personal Trainer, I took the step in 2015 into group training, having set up a Wednesday evening Bootcamp session.

I am thrilled with the response and results, and plan to run more HIIT Bootcamp sessions in 2016. I am currently seeking opportunities and the possibility of another North Crawley Bootcamp session, as well as in other village locations, or even within business/corporate establishments. Do watch this space.

For today, how about the why’s and how’s of my HIIT Bootcamp Sessions. Continue reading

Raspberry Breakfast Smoothie

Raspberry Oat Smoothie | Blog Image for Chris Simms Personal Trainer

This breakfast smoothie is a win-win, and it’s all thanks to me sharing some almond milk!

A client made this beauty of a smoothie for me a couple of days ago, and here’s me passing on the inspiration. If you want a healthy breakfast inspiration too, that keeps you full all morning, then this is a smoothie to grace your blender with. Continue reading