Bootcamp Information

When: Currently no sessions running. Please check back for spring/summer Bootcamps.

Where: North Crawley Village, MK16 9LH (Recreation Ground)

How much: Prices vary depending on length of camps, but usually around £5 per session.

♦ Bootcamp sessions are for all abilities, are a great way to train, and are packed with exercises to keep you engaged and motivated for the entire session.

♦ Come along and realise the benefit of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), requiring some hard work in parts (I’m not going to lie), but with rewards well worth it! The buzz will have you coming back for more!

♦ Sessions are designed and structured to improve and increase fitness levels; improve muscle tone; aid weight loss; develop and build power, strength and stamina; improve movement, posture and flexibility; and of course, designed for you to feel incredible!

♦ Sessions will vary from week-to-week so that you do not bore of the same each time.

♦ Bootcamp classes are great fun and sociable too.

The functional exercise focus I will use at Bootcamp follows the training principles and philosophy that I use with all of my clients’ training structure. I have found this to greatly improve all aspects of physiological performance, to include postural improvements, injury prevention and management, and overall flexibility and strength. The seven Primal/Functional Pattern Movements that will feature in a Bootcamp class will be Squats, Bends, Lunges, Pushes, Pulls, Twists, and Gait exercises.

If you fancy a workout in the great outdoors, something completely different to a gym session, no monthly membership looming and an activity you can enjoy week after week, please come along and join in the fun. Please bring water with you as you will be exercising for most of the hour and will take hydration/rest periods.

I hope to see you there soon!

Please get in touch with Bootcamp or 1-1 Personal Training questions

07843 100934 –