Green Juice Recipe

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Juicing, partularly with green leafy vegetables, so far is the pinnacle of my own personal health quest. I have researched and researched the many health benefits and healing powers of juicing, and to me personally, green juice is as clean as it gets, packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, phytochemicals, and oh my god when you drink a homemade fresh juice you know it, flooding every cell of your body with the ultimate of goodness, and the alive feeling you get is just the best and truly most powerful. I hold juicing in the highest regards when it comes to feeding my body the very best, purest and cleanest nutrients.

On that personal statement, I want to share with you my green juice of the moment…

Drink this three times a week for breakfast (on an empty stomach) and you will feel amazing!

Here’s what you need to juice…

Green Juice Ingredients

I juice in this order…

Large handful kale (7 leaves with stems)

Large handful spinach leaves

12cm piece cucumber

Handful parsley

2 celery stalks (not pictured, I forgot them for the image!)

3 apples (braeburn juice best)

1 lemon (with skin if unwaxed

This recipe makes me around 2 pints of juice…

Green Juice

The first pint I drink in the morning on an empty stomach, the second (if my wife doesn’t), post workout or mid-afternoon, whichever comes first.

Juicing, and in particular green juice, is a fantastic alternative if you require a pick-me-up coffee, or (even worse) energy drink in the morning and can’t ditch the habit of a lifetime. Switch to a green juice and witness the ultimate in feeling healthy, the ulimate pick-me-up, and soon your daily habitual routine will be reaching for fruits and vegetables to start your day right. Switching the mid-afternoon slump vending machine run for a green juice is another great move, and one I urge my clients to routinely favour (should the slump hit).

Hit me up some feedback and feel free to share a photo of your green juice to my Facebook page.

Please enjoy this recipe and I wish you the very best in health,