HIIT Bootcamp – About and Benefits

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Having worked the past nine years mainly as a Personal Trainer, I took the step in 2015 into group training, having set up a Wednesday evening Bootcamp session.

I am thrilled with the response and results, and plan to run more HIIT Bootcamp sessions in 2016. I am currently seeking opportunities and the possibility of another North Crawley Bootcamp session, as well as in other village locations, or even within business/corporate establishments. Do watch this space.

For today, how about the why’s and how’s of my HIIT Bootcamp Sessions.

The Benefits Of My HIIT Bootcamp Sessions

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and involves bursts of effort followed by a brief rest/recovery phase, repeated. The main objectives are to elevate the heart rate, burn lots of calories, and burn fat. The main benefits of HIIT are improved endurance and cardiovascular health, increased muscle density (not size!) so that you can burn even more calories and even continue the burn up to 48 hours post exercise. This is due to the metabolic disturbance created from high intensity interval periods hitting all of the body’s energy systems in one go, ramping up metabolism and creating an Excess Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). This is a massive win against the squeezed training times and the busy lifestyles we lead today. You can also benefit from my expertise and specific session planning, with the added development of functional and core strength and flexibilty for your sport and/or lifestyle goals. What’s more, the post exercise endorphin effect from HIIT training is a huge high, much greater than a more traditional form of training. So what are you waiting for, come HIIT it up with me and take your health and fitness to a new level!

How to get HIIT Benefits

HIIT sessions are advised two to four times per week, hence the plan to increase my Bootcamp session timetable to keep the calories burning and for clients to get the most from their training time.

To me personally, this type of training is best in a group capacity, keeping the energy and efforts focussed and motivated throughout the session. The great outdoors is a further benefit, being the most amazing platform and space to exercise; fresh air, added mental stimulation and pyschological benefits, added immune building and physiological stimulation from a more varied workout and exercise selection too. What more could you ask for? How about not having a monthly payment debited from your bank account, resulting in dragging yourself to the gym after a hard day at work, or a cold, dark, early morning, to complete a repetitive session or even not having the faintest idea(s) what to do when you do get there! Surely the flexibilty and motivation to turn up and train with friends and familiar faces each session, pay a fiver and get on with it whenever you like, knowing full well that your session is planned to ‘win’ for you every time would be more rewarding and less soul-destroying? I know what I’d choose!

Bootcamp in action…

Bootcamp Image | Blog Image for Chris Simms Personal TrainerBootcamp Image | Blog Image for Chris Simms Personal Trainer

My Bootcamp Plan

I hope to introduce a Monday evening, possibly a Wednesday morning and/or a Friday morning to my diary in the spring (2016). My hope is that I can continue Bootcamp sessions within a radius that can continue to build a community of outdoor exercise clients, a group keen to spur each other on and support one another to reach their goals and realise their potential. So why not join in the fun and invite or encourage a friend or family member to join in the fun with you?!

Best wishes for the most amazing 2016. I hope you win this year (if you’re not already)!

I hope to see you soon too,