Training is designed and carried out with the client in mind. Your sessions will be tailored to your goals and objectives, and will progress at a rate that suits your development.

First Meeting and Subsequent Checks Going Forward…

Initially, we will meet for a consultation to assess your current state of health and discuss your goals and objectives. You will undertake the following tests at this time – blood pressure, resting heart rate, height, weight, body fat percentage, body composition measurements, lung function tests, a VO2 max test (endurance test), flexibility and postural testing/analysis. This will give you an agreed starting point as well as a benchmark against which we can measure your progress.

Training Sessions…

Training sessions are commonly an hour, although 30 or 45 minute sessions are available, or longer sessions if you require. Training will always be fun, challenging in parts, functional to your lifestyle and/or sport, offer variety, as well as being supported, motivated and stimulating 100% of the time. A strong emphasis will be placed on making training time challenging yet fun, to ensure that you have the motivation to not only meet, but exceed your goals.

Training Principles and Techniques…

Exercise will be personal to you and follow the correct training pathways to ensure your development and success is as effective as possible. You will NEVER use boring weight machines typical in every ‘Health Club’ often used by other trainers.

I use a variety of training principles and techniques, so you can expect to train your body in many different ways, some or many of which may be new to you, and the equipment we use will therefore be varied. You can expect to use any of the following equipment…

♦ Medicine balls

♦ Swiss balls

♦ Dumbbells

♦ TRX Suspension Trainer

♦ Power Bands and Resistance Bands

♦ Olympic gymnastic rings

♦ Boxing pads and bags

♦ Foam roller and other self massage equipment

♦ Clubbells™

♦ Prowler and Speed sleds

♦ Agility ladders

♦ Slam Balls

♦ Cable machines

♦ Power/Sand bags

♦ Various stability apparatus e.g. BOSU ball, wobble board, resistance bands

♦ Tractor tyres

♦ Sledgehammer

♦ Kettlebells

♦ Rower, Treadmill, Cross Trainer, Bikes