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Links to personal, product or equipment websites I advocate and use personally. Please click any links for direct contact with my friends. I will add useful links here whenever I find them, so please do check back regularly! – Wendy at The Yoga Boutique offers the practice of Anusara yoga, and is the best around Milton Keynes for sure! I have direct experience of Wendy’s yoga, and if you’re in the area, or ever get the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle to a Yoga Boutique retreat abroad, you will be glad you did. One day retreats are usually run by Wendy as well, and can specialise in yoga specifically for runners, for sport in general, for children, back and/or hips and/or knees, or any area of practise created by Wendy. An inspiring Yogi with a fountain of spirituality, guaranteed to enhance your journey towards a stronger, flexible, more confident body. -A very close friend this one. In fact Helen is my beautiful wife! On an unbiased note, if possible, Helen is a highly talented Illustrator who produces some of the most elegant Fashion Illustration. Helen has worked with some of the top fashion houses and designers around, and you can buy her work direct at