How I make New Year Resolutions

I love the New Year, the new beginning feel, the chance to challenge myself, drive for something new or rekindle an old habit that’s perhaps slipped away, a clean slate to target and plot personal development, a refocus and a host of opportunities to grow individually.

I plan my resolutions for the longer term and focus on a bigger picture, finding this a great way to both commit, stay the course and succeed with each of them. I want to share with you my 2019 resolutions and some reasonings why. This blog platform can help me to reason further with myself and justify my choices, so thank you for entertaining me, and here goes nothing…

200 workouts is a goal I originally set for 2018, managing 177 workouts for the year, so I feel a little disappointed and want another crack at it. Being a busy parent and personal trainer, with 5am starts and 9pm finishes, even with a four hour ‘free’ window from lunch to early evening, the desire and energy to train can be low at times. So I found the resolution and planning a year long goal to complete a certain number of workouts over the year works incredibly well for me. A bit of a trick really, because I still need to average four sessions per week, but the thought of missing a session and falling behind and having to catch up (when I know I won’t or it could even become impossible) really drives me to be consistent each week. This also makes me plan my diary and time much better each week, pretty much knowing on a Sunday evening, exactly when I ‘WILL’ train that coming week. So having experienced a missed resolution from last year, I have a higher motivation going into 2019 to be consistent.

150 fresh green juices/smoothies is a fairly easy one and a resolution I’m using as a reminder to focus time to these. I used to blend a smoothie pretty much every morning at 5am, but with a house full, I have the fear of waking children and infuriating my wife now! I have a two year old that has been enjoying the act of making and of drinking fresh juice the last couple of weeks as I have taken some paternity leave, so this is my initial drive into the new year to carry this on with her to help form a habit initially. I love green juice and smoothies, they are an incredible way to increase and diversify micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) in the diet, and a practice I love for workout recovery and immunity boosting. This is another goal where I know three times each week will see me succeed!

Read 15 books, another reminder really to do something I love to do so much. Reading is a habit I feel important for personal growth and for relaxation too. There’s not much that beats losing yourself in a great book I’d say, and I have always enjoyed reading and educating myself whether for work or pleasure. I read a lot in the early part of 2018, stumbling into topics of research for both personal and family gain, driving myself for more information book by book. I am therefore encouraging myself to continue this practice consistently next year and I feel that diversely educating yourself no matter what you practice work wise is always a great way to grow as a person. I also find I can completely ‘lose myself’ in the relaxing aspect of reading and the feeling of not wasting time I think is what I want to rekindle with this one too. 

Watch 25 movies (was almost going to be 50!), simply put, another way for myself and my wife to lose ourselves in each other’s company at least once every couple of weeks in a good flick. We have always enjoyed movies, especially together and I have noticed us doing less of this, perhaps choosing an earlier night on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday or household chores rather than sitting and enjoying some escape time together.

No phone at meal times and less tech time is a personal flaw I have discovered at home (just a little, I’m not bad in the slightest). I don’t feel I do this a lot but having a two year old and newborn, I really don’t want them to grow up seeing this from their own parent so am particularly striving to make ‘no phones at the table’ a rule in our house and when out to eat. Photographs may be an exception we can make?

Learn to play bridge is my actively ‘learn a knew thing’ resolution. I enjoy cards, poker more so than any other over the past couple of years, although I play only a little now as opposed to once per week. From reading material and YouTube over the past year, authors and Vloggers have often described and highlighted to me how bridge uses and challenges the brain in such a way that I want to learn. I look forward therefore to encouraging myself to follow and learn a skill that can also be a form of escape as well as a new skill and educational format.

Cycle and jog more, once or twice per week at least. This one comes with a side note that I want to drop a little weight down to 85kg, or what I class as my ‘fighting weight’. I have noticed a gradual creep up to 90kg over the past three years, since cycling and jogging far less. I feel as fit and as strong as I always have in the gym and the cardio I do there, I just feel a little bulkier than I should or want to, and so endeavour to cycle and jog more consistently. Some major personal positives from this already forming as I write this out are my love of cycling and the opportunity to rekindle a dedicated love to jogging, rather than just the token 10k every couple of weeks. Another will be some alone time and time away from it all to think (or often as it goes to think of nothing, a complete switch off).


Wow! To think this was originally going to be a brief Facebook page post! If you have made it this far down, my hat off to you, god I’ve waffled on and to think anybody has read this far, I thank you and am humbled by your effort and support. I really hope this writing may have helped you in some way to focus and plan some goals and personal growths for the year ahead. Wish me luck and I wish you the very best wishes for a healthy, happy, successful and growing 2019.