Client Testimonials

Please find below some very satisfied clients!

“This time last year I was approaching a mile stone birthday. Determined to be fitter and healthier in my 50’s, I got in touch with Chris and haven’t looked back…

Chris is enthusiastic, motivational, keeping his training sessions fun and varied; he has a great smoothie repertoire, useful advice on diet and supplements, all of which has helped me stay on track and focused.

Things are shaping up well, this really is going to be my best decade yet! Thanks Chris!”

Tracey Sutton

“I first started training with Chris over 7 years ago. When I look back I can’t believe it took me nearly a year to approach him in the gym. I had heard how good he was as a personal trainer and watched him with other clients but felt I didn’t need any support as I was a regular gym user and believed I could do it on my own.

I watched his approach with others, liked his manner and decided to try it out.

Seven years later I still train every week with Chris!!

The difference his input has made over that time has helped me through many challenges with back issues, work load and everyday pressures that can “get in the way of looking after YOU”.

His continual commitment and encouragement have helped me to reach my stretching goals and I feel good about my achievements however small. I am now able to run 5km which I never thought I would be able to do. I have lost 2 stone in weight and more importantly I am keeping the weight off.

Chris has a friendly approach but I always feel pushed in my weekly sessions. He is aware of my limitations and ensures that any injuries are not compounded.

Seeing Chris weekly helps me also think about my lifestyle. I have a much healthier diet now and a more active lifestyle.

I enjoy training with Chris each week and look forward to our sessions and consider Chris as my personal friend as well as my personal trainer.”

Katherine Keyte

“Chris and I have been working together for 3 years now. He is my third personal trainer and by far and away the best one I have had the good fortune to work with. I enjoy going to the gym so didn’t look to Chris to motivate into going, I approached Chris to train me to learn more about the benefits of exercise and to make the most from my sessions at the gym.

After an initial assessment which gave us both an understanding of my then current levels of fitness Chris developed PT sessions that were appropriately challenging improving cardiac fitness levels, flexibility and strength in a controlled and managed style.

He has an endearing and engaging personality, he doesn’t dictate to you what you should do or eat, his desire to further develop his understanding of food and nutrition means he is always providing a useful insight into the benefits of a balanced diet.

He believes in individuals making personal choices about their diet and lifestyle but is keen to make sure that if advice is sought the advice he provides is sound and well balanced.

Progress through the years has been outstanding, I have lost weight, become fitter, much more flexible and use weights and routines at the gym that I didn’t even know existed let alone would be capable of. Oh and I now run and enjoy it; something I didn’t think I would ever do.

Would I recommend him as a personal trainer – YES without a doubt, but Chris is more than just a personal trainer. He is a friend and confidante.”

Katie Evans

“Chris became my personal trainer in January 2007. Despite having been a gym member for a number of years, I had become de-motivated and I found myself becoming unfit and overweight. Becoming one of his clients has proved to be one the best decisions I have ever made. Chris is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, and put together a bespoke programme to get me fit again. His training regime always pushes me beyond my comfort zone but never leaves me feeling overwhelmed.

Chris is inspirational and, once I had regained a decent base fitness level, he encouraged and coached me to attempt new challenges, including a number of half-marathons and other long-distance runs. I lead an incredibly busy and stressful life, but my sessions with Chris enable me to stay focussed and keep a good level of well-being.

Quite apart from his professionalism, Chris is one of the friendliest and most decent people you could ever hope to meet. I truly value my sessions with him and would feel lost without them.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Iain Stewart – Member of Parliament, Milton Keynes South

“I’ve been working with Chris for nearly three years now and I would highly recommend him. When I started working with Chris I was over-worked and stressed with an on-going back problem still there after having the children. This meant that I was missing out on lots of activities with the rest of my family. As a result of working with Chris I can say that my involvement in life has transformed and I am now able to play tennis, ski and do and enjoy many other activities with my family.

In addition Chris has inspired me to live a much healthier and conscious life in general which affects the decisions I make about food and life-style.

Thank you Chris for your invaluable contribution.”

Sally Rustom – Director

“As a PGA Golf Professional I realised the need to seek advice from someone who not only thoroughly understands all areas of strength and fitness, but who also would understand my specific requirements as a professional sportsman. From my first session with Chris I realised that he would undoubtedly help me to attain my professional goals on the golf course.

Having worked with Chris now for over 18 months I have seen an improvement in my physical condition which has enabled me to achieve more success on the golf course by staying focussed for a longer period without feeling tired and fatigued.

He has enabled me to increase my overall strength and agility whilst recognising the need for me to retain flexibility.

Chris’s friendly and helpful manner along with his knowledge of his chosen profession enables him to work with anyone from a professional athlete to a new gym user.

There is no doubt that Chris has helped me in my golfing career as I am sure he can help others with their fitness requirements.”

Greg Iron – PGA Golf Professional

“I have never trained with a Personal Trainer before. But seeing Chris work with his clients at the gym day-to-day encouraged me to approach him and become a client myself.

Chris is absolutely enthusiastic and committed to his work. He is a truly excellent trainer and outstanding master of his craft with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge. He is skilled, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with and talk to. Chris is the perfect combination of tough and warm, knowing just how and when to encourage and when to push.

His diverse training methods, constantly changing individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting helped me to not just physically but also mentally become stronger.

Thank you Chris for two wonderful and unforgettable years. Being back in Germany I still train with your exercises … however, it’s just half the fun without you.”

Contanze Fux


“I have been taking personal trainer sessions with Chris for around 6 months now and all I can say is Wow! I have been going to gym and keeping fit for about 15 years but have found myself beginning to get bored of the same old training routines every week,which ultimately meant that I lost interest.

Chris has given me an amazing variety of new exercises and style of training altogether, that has kept me challenged and focused. I have a noticeable difference in body shape and BMI, without making any sacrifices with my food, and only training 3 times a week, one of which is with Chris, and the other 2 sessions using the exercises from that week (which Chris emails over after the session).

As you can probably tell, I am back in the zone. Try one session with Chris and you will be hooked!!!”

Dean Jacobs

“I’ve been training with Chris for over 2 years now. He has helped me to lose weight that I wasn’t able to shift before when training alone and to tone up. In fact, people seeing what he achieved with me and seeing me training with him at the gym have gone on to become clients themselves.

To Chris, super healthy eating and getting exercise is a way of life. He certainly practices what he preaches and is a shining example of vitality. He has sound knowledge about nutrition and fitness. I only wish I was disciplined enough to follow more of his advice outside of training sessions e.g. eating better, as I know I would achieve so much more. Chris gives so much encouragement too, he got me into running last year and I ran my first 5k race, which was an achievement for me.

Not only that, I am so happy that Chris is my personal trainer he is such a warm, friendly and positive person. Although he makes you work hard (which is what he’s there for anyway, so well worth the money), he is also fun to be around and I love training with him. In fact I hope he remains my trainer for years to come. I actually now consider him a friend as well as a trainer.”

Jacqui Neblett

“Chris is very professional, reliable and very committed to helping people achieve their goals. He quickly ascertained my capability and what exercises were best for my body shape and personal goals. His workouts are very person-centred and each session is designed for you and you alone.

I look forward to my fortnightly sessions with Chris; each week is different which stops me getting bored and I am pushed to my limits. You have to be motivated to stick to your goals, but Chris provides the varied workout, the enthusiasm, the experience and the encouragement. Chris provides a copy of my weekly workout which means I can continue to train in between sessions.

I’ve even taken up running more recently, with Chris’ encouragement; I would never have believed that I would be signing myself up for a 10km race but that is my next goal!!”

Denise Clayden

“I have been a client of Chris Simms for 3 years with great results. (3 stone loss of weight and many inches off my waist).

Chris is inspirational and committed in helping you to achieve your own goals.

The gym can be very repetitive; Chris is always inventing new exercises to make sure your training is enjoyable as well as beneficial.

I would highly recommend Chris as a personal trainer.”

Kevin Whyte

“Meeting Chris has changed my life! Like many, I had been a victim to the nation’s number of diets, paid for an unused gym membership and always found exercise a chore, but that has all changed. Chris has made my experience fun, challenging and as we never do the same workout twice, you never know what to expect, hence no boredom. Being asthmatic I have always struggled with exercise, even the basic level of walking, and now feel so much better and am in control of my asthma symptoms.

I had never seen results from my previous exercise efforts, but working with Chris, I have noticed a huge difference and changes, not only my body’s shape but I have been more interested in healthy food choices, and my fitness levels have increased loads. Let’s face it; we all think we are fitter than we actually are!

Before meeting Chris my next steps would have been extreme, likely to have been surgery…which I now know isn’t the answer.

It certainly helps knowing you are meeting with Chris each week, and if you don’t implement change you not only let yourself down but feel like you are letting Chris down. Thanks Chris for all your help and support and for making every experience fun, yet a challenge. I always look forward to my next appointment.”

Charlotte Walker

“I have used Chris as my personal trainer for the last two years. I have found him to be both charming and very professional. He encourages me through the hard bits and gets me to achieve much more than I would have on my own. He is very reliable and keeps good time. He devises a huge selection of different ways to exercise the various muscles in my body so sessions are always interesting and often novel. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions as he is also a good conversationalist even when I am too puffed out to participate!”

Alan Harpham – Chairman APM Group

“I have been training with Chris for over a year now, twice a week. He takes his work seriously, is professional and is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. He has the enthusiasm and dedication to improving his clients. Workouts are tough but varied so I always enjoy them. He gives me motivation and is a likeable, friendly person. Would highly recommend.”

Sarah Coysh – Executive PA

“I have been working with Chris for almost a year and a half and in that time have attained a number of goals that were jointly set when our training sessions started. The initial fitness assessment was key to determining targets that were both achievable but also challenging. Training sessions are kept interesting through the use of a variety of training techniques. As well as the actual sessions, Chris provided valuable advice on additional training, diet and nutritional advice.”

Bernard Downes

“After coming back from Australia extremely fit, I spent several months catching up with lots of old friends & family and as a consequence ate and drank too much. Despite then joining a local gym I still found myself disillusioned about my body shape and pretty uninspired about working-out too!

Fortunately however, I met Chris after watching him put some of his other clients through their paces and approached him for help. He listened to my complaints and concerns regarding certain areas of my body, how I wanted to focus on them and once again achieve a high level of fitness. He subsequently built a training program around this and in addition advises me about dietary needs and the benefits of healthy eating, which has given me a new concept of what I should be putting into my body.

He encourages me and pushes me with his no nonsense approach and training with him is not only varied and hard, but a whole lot of fun too, which for me is absolutely essential. I have seen and continue to see excellent results.

Thanks Chris you’re a Star.”

Joss Pinder

“Having already run several marathons in a previous life I had been pretty fit but had let it lapse and couldn’t seem to find the motivation to get going again. I couldn’t find a running partner locally and didn’t want to join a gym on my own but I knew I needed some help. Chris has worked with me, getting to know me and how my brain works! He runs with me, makes appointments with me at the gym and stands beside me working on the areas that I need the most help with and keeps me motivated. I can see the improvement in my quarterly reviews and through his wonderful support I am now motivated to run again, have improved the quality of what I eat and drink and have even been introduced to a running partner who is another of his clients. What more could I want?!”

Kate Clark-Kennedy

“Chris has been my personal trainer for a year and he’s been brilliant. Previously I’d been suffering from a few long-term, niggling injuries (especially lower back pain) that were restricting me from training properly. I had sought the advice of the gym’s own personal trainers but was very disappointed by their lack of knowledge, also the exercises they recommended often aggravated the very injuries I was trying to overcome. I asked Chris for his help and was immediately impressed by his professionalism. He put me through a very thorough strength and fitness assessment, asked me all the right questions about my injuries and for the first time really made me think about what I wanted from my training. Chris developed a programme of exercises that have progressively strengthened my core muscle group and allowed me to train harder, longer and more effectively than ever before. Every session he introduces new routines that build on those I’ve done before. Not only have I not had any injuries in the last year but I’ve also lost 3% body fat, put on increased muscle mass and found my resting pulse drop from 76 down to 58! The last thing I have to say about Chris is that he’s one of the nicest blokes you could hope to meet. He’s got a great sense of humour and makes working out a really enjoyable experience.”

James Hazlewood

“Workouts are fun and productive. Chris has a no-nonsense approach to his sessions, yet is able to combine a warmth and professionalism to ensure his clients remain focused and interested. Although I am self-motivated and previously exercised, I had lost my confidence to challenge my body because of my aches and pains; it was useful for me to re-start my training regime with Chris who has helped me to strengthen my back and increase my range of movement. I trust in his knowledge and expertise.”

Sarah Neal